Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Our lucky life

Every month I tell myself that I am going to blog more....so I can do more typing of details and spread out the pics....but every month I fail at that....so here is another long picture blog with some details :)  I guess blogging is the lazy mom's scrapbook...hope my kids like it!

Marshall's all time favorite thing to do....CARWASH with shaving cream...he could do this for HOURS
Little sister a little sad that she never gets iPad time...she always scoots closer and they always move farther and farther away....

This girl and her dress up shoes....she loves them....but wipes out EVERY time!

The kids were so excited to have grandma and grandpa back from Florida after a month of being snowbirds...and when they came back they brought new blankets and bears from GG....they love them so much...and sleep with them every night

Brayden had dress up as a character in Mary Poppins one day at school....and well as you can see from the picture he was less than thrilled to dress up

The day got better for him, I got to volunteer for lunch and recess duty...it was fun to watch him and all his friends hang out and play! Tiring too!

 A week early but the kids were excited to head to a friends house for ruebens and guinness beer....well I guess Aaron and I were excited for that (although Marshall loved the ruebens)  The kids were excited the hang out with their friends

Hadley and her babies...she is such a mommy...she carries around her baby now in this carrier/backpack

On the actual St Patrick day, we had swim lessons (Marshall and Brayden are taking them, loving them and doing great) and then we had open house at Marshall's school.  He was so excited to show us around and all his artwork and special things he does at school

Marshall said this is his favorite toy....funny since we have the same toy at home!

 Popsicles after the scavenger hunt

 We decided to go to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday....it was way more crowded than we had expected, but minus the dumped basket which resulted in stolen eggs and tears...the kids had a great time


Marshall teaching Haddie how to hunt for eggs....great pep talk...she got one egg

 More big brother advice...worked a little better....Marshall got 3 eggs...

Brayden's turn to hunt....chaos, mas chaos

Sunday night we went bowling with families from church.  Our kids loved bowling, the great friends and the pizza!  Little Haddie loved bowling for her first time....Marshall and Brayden acted like old pros

 Sadly the rest of these pictures are in no time order....they are uploads from my phone and such....but they showcase the fun we have been having
Hadley and I kissin' in the hot air balloon at a birthday party...my little love
We took a trip to the Arlington Height Library...although their story time is exclusive, we had fun at their fairy tale exhibit

They helped me vote....Brayden wanted George Washington or Abe Lincoln....told him I agree but sadly they are not choices

This girl....loves avocado...so much....and fruit!!!

Marshall reading a great book....all about....diggers!

We told the kids we are going to disney....we got the whole reveal on video.....we did a scavenger hunt through the house ending with a box of disney balloons...they were shocked, surprised and confused....but as it is setting in, they are more and more excited each day!!!

Before dance class

Hadley loves when Nicholas is over...here she is checking out his blood pressure

We are loving the nice weather days we get....we take full advantage and go to the park

go for walks

Climb in trees

and ride bikes

These 2 melt my heart sometimes....seriously he is feeding her.....

Spring Break this week!!!!!  Trip to the Children's Museum

Carb loading!!!

Park Fun!

The boys are so excited that we got them a desk....best part it cost $10 and keeps them occupied for a long time!!!!

She loves crowns....and knows all the princesses.....

Last Saturday the kids really wanted to go to the Choo Choo....not sure where they got the idea....but we rolled with it....great lunch and happy kids!

Excited to open a package from Grandma!!!

Playdate with friends....

 Also from St Patrick's day....we had green eggs (made with blended spinach) and here is our Irish dancer

So lucky to have these littles!!!

A few weeks ago Marshall got another stripe...he is quite the ninja!

Aaron took the kids to a St Peter basketball game

Hadley rocking a Darth Maul mask

When you hear the word UhOH over and over again...it can't be good

Our church had a family fit night....super fun

 The kids loved yoga

The boys have a pass to Legoland, so we go whenever we can....each time they get just as excited as the time before....never gets old to them!

Subway lunch date
When Haddie naps we get to squeeze in games....Airport is one of his favorites

This was the Disney balloon box...they climbed in and pretended to be on a ride

We were so lucky to have a free weekend at the Wilderness Lodge....Aaron's work had good numbers so they set up all the families....we had a blast!!!  We got to stay in a huge cabin---the kids could not get over how huge and cool the house was....and the LOVED the water park.  Marshall and Brayden both did the big slides, loved the lazy river and all the waterpark play areas

The result of 2 days of waterpark fun!