Thursday, April 7, 2016

April and Easter!!!

Hadley's hair is SOOOOO long....we are trying out different do's...but the thing is they don't last long--she rips them right out.  She is getting a haircut....truthfully probably just a trim when we go to Disney...I am sure I'll cry...she is getting way too big too fast!

Reading princess books....her favorite thing to do!

Our baskets....

We made sock bunnies

And saw Zootopia with cute!!!  And funny!!!

We had a VERY Happy Easter!!!!  We decided to head to St Louis/Belleville to see my family for Easter.....

We had planned on going to the St Louis Zoo on Friday when we got into town, but with the 2 hour traffic jam setting us back...we decided to do a tour of the Budweiser Brewery and then to Fitz's Rootbeer to have some kid friendly "beer" and see the bottling process.  It was pretty fun....and we enjoyed all the spirits!


Fitz's...this place is a little gem....the root beer float was AMAZING...and we got lucky and scored the table right next to where they fill, bottle and label....the kids loved watching it

On Saturday we headed to St Teresa's for an egg hunt....the kids got SOOOO many eggs...we loved the sunshine and all the treats!

 Marshall got lucky and found a golden egg....he was so excited and got a special prize

We dyed easter eggs with grandma and great grandpa....we were a little nervous about coloring them since they were brown eggs.....but they sure did turn out beautifully!

We got to meet Ella Rose too!!!!  We were so happy that Lou, Ashley and Ella came to hang out and have dinner with us Saturday....and we got to meet this little beauty!!!!

Hadley loved Ella...however she did not love me holding I had to sneak in snuggles when I could

 Grandma Ann also brought a real bunny for us to see!!!

And of course she brought fun Easter goodies too!!!

Happy Easter!!!

Lucky for us, the Easter bunny visited Great Grandpa's house the kids got to hunt again for eggs on Easter morning...

Hadley wore my old dress for being able to put her in my "vintage" dresses

 many fun things crammed into the weekend....
Great Grandpa and his great!!!!!

 Easter brunch....and the newest great grandchild...Miss Ella Rose
Delicious brunch

Miss Harper, her daddy and grandma

Clara and Hadley

Marsh and Brayden

We got lucky and Aunt Beans came home and spent the week with us, while Aaron traveled.  We enjoyed having her here...we even snuck in a trip to the zoo, library and other little things.  While at the zoo, we saw the wolves---which we have never seen!!!  And got an amazing view of the polar bear!!!


see the wolf in the back???

 This week Marshall got to bring home Benjamin bunny.  He had to draw what he did with him....

And because I took a picture of Marshall...she need one too

Marshall had his buddy Austin over and they built this rocket!

Some friends of ours gave Hadley some googles...and she is obsessed!!!

BEAMING....he was so excited that this came out!!!!

Park day...still only 40....but we need to get out!!!

I had a dentist appointment this weekend and when I got home I found Marshall hanging out here....hmmmmmmm
While we were organizing dressers and etc.....Hadley stamped herself....

But life is good!!!!!