Monday, May 16, 2016

May Happenings

These 2....they love Mariano's...they eat their way through the store...especially at the deli counter....and crack me up!!!

 Sometimes the craziest things happen around how does this happen!?!?!

And wow...what an outfit!!!

Hadley has really been fighting taking naps lately...which is soooooo 2 she really needs a nap!!!!! But when she is out....she is out....and its so hard to wake her up--precious baby

I was lucky that I got to attend Brayden's last field trip to Francesca's.....they learned to take orders, fold napkins, see the kitchen and sample food....and then enjoyed a delicious lunch...this first picture is a Brayden original....and then some other cute ones from the day....this prepared them for restaurant night

Legoland....the kids seriously LOVE this place....lucky for them we have a pass and live about 5 minutes from every now and then after school, we head there for an afternoon :)

Marshall had a little sing-along to celebrate Mothers Day.  It was so sweet...and of course I loved seeing him sing....afterwards he gave me a binder with all his artwork from this year and a sweet little note....he thinks I'm 52...hahahah!!!!  I love him!!!  And what an amazing keepsake

We had a trivia night for St Peter....and we had such a blast!!!!  It was out first trivia night....we dressed as tourists....and our team needed up coming in 3rd (with very little help from us)

Our was amazing!!!

Grandma Ann, Great Grandpa, and Auntie Beans all came to visit over mothers day weekend.  We were excited to celebrate grandma's 60th!!!!!!  And of course mothers day too.  Sadly the boys were just not feeling well....and eventually ended up getting pretty sick...but as always we loved seeing them all!!!!

The poor little guys were not feeling well at all...Marshall slept through the whole celebration...Brayden got enough energy to sing, open grandma's gift and eat cake....and then back to the couch

Four generations....

The kids made me some cute cards and got me a beautiful gold cross necklace for mother's sweet....and Aaron made an amazing dinner with our favorite bottle of wine

These kiddos....they just did not feel well....but I am so thankful every day that God gave them to me to help guide them through life....motherhood is exhausting and hard----but the most amazing blessing and adventure I will ever be on.....I love these kiddos!

From the front you might not notice....but yep....this girl is cooking in the buff....our own little naked chef....

Where does she get these ideas?!?!

She loves to wear her underwear on her head.....and always wants to show her brothers...too funny!!!

I also ended up getting sick....and these 2 were quite the nurses at the doctor...

Brayden just had restaurant night....and what a sweet, amazing night it was!!!!  The kids had learned about serving others on their field trip...and then put their skills to the test.  They were our waiters and waitresses....Brayden took our drink orders and brought them to us, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of salad, bread and pasta and then Brayden took our order for dessert (which they had made---poke cake and mousse) and delivered it to us.  They also sang a few songs....what a memorable night!

Quite a fun Saturday with the Hinshaw kids....fort-building, coloring and lego building---and finally we are all feeling SO much better!!!!!