Saturday, June 4, 2016

End of School and Start of Summer

So much has happened in is what we have been up to!

This guy made it to BLUE level for swimming!!!  We are so proud of him...he LOVES the water and is doing phenomenal at swimming!  Just tonight we all went to the Y and it is amazing to see how comfortable both him and Marshall are in the water.  My little fish!

Maddie's little love...Baby Nicholas...she loved that we watched him on Tuesdays....and is still asking when he is coming....but since school is out...we won't be babysitting him...but we will be having playdates....she is such a little mommy

 Marshall wrapped up his preschool year at Eagle...of course just like every year, I got emotional....the kids all had such amazing teachers and loved going to school....I get so sad to see them leave their teachers and friends....but I know with every year there will be new experiences, fun and friends....but its sad to see it come to a close (although I am happy to have them home to more drop offs and pick ups...we can just have fun!!!)

Marshall had a wonderful year at school---just by looking at him, you can see his looks older.  He is writing his name, his vocabulary has taken off and he just loves to learn and play!

Last day...looking all dapper!

And of course, she cannot be without a picture.....this August will be even harder to go back....I have LOVED being a stay at home mommy---its a hard job to say the least---but it has been amazing and so special to be home with the kiddos this year!!!

Here is Marshall headed in one last time....

They had a little ceremony....

He was so excited about his pencil and rubber snake

His teachers....

After the ceremony we all went outside and had a little picnic at the park

Little Haddie....who just does not want to be little...she is rough, tumble and can keep up with the best of them!  She was not sleeping in her crib....waking up like 3-4 times a we took the crib down and gave her a big girl was sad to see the crib go, but I sure do love snuggling with her in her new bed and she is SLEEPING!!!!

Brayden's last day was just a few days after Marshall's.  He has grown so much this year...he is no longer shy and timid....he loves being silly and is getting the hang of reading.  I am sad to see him leave his teachers----they were great---and it will be sad to see some of his friends not return (as some kiddos are headed to public school) but I am so thankful he gets to stay at St Peters...and that all 3 of them can be together there next year.

Headed to first grade!

So handsome!

We had a donut get together before the ceremony....there was a cute little photo backdrop to take pictures at...which is where I snapped some of these cute ones...and then Brayden got to spend time with his friends....

The kids got a binder with some of their favorite work...such a special memory

Boys will be boys....

And Marshall snuck up to the podium

Such a great kindergarten class

Had to snap a few of these three....

Brayden's teachers

The ceremony...and this year he walked up to get his certificate....YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!  

They sang songs and had such a special ceremony

One of our favorite friends, Drew...we will miss him!!!

We also got to attend a picnic lunch at Brayden's school (this was actually the day before his ceremony...not sure why its out of order....)

We had baby Nicholas with the three held hands on the way in

The picnic lunch was dogs and hamburgers 

And playtime after...

Good buddies...Tyler and Zack

We also went to the zoo....we met the Madoles there and had a great day!

They LOVE face paint!

We celebrated Daddy's birthday.  He wanted a thats what he got...and he made us some delicious pulled pork for his party

Party Time!

And sometimes you just need to rest....

Marshall's class had a final fling at Pirates Cove....Brayden was still in school, so he could not come...but Marshall, Haddie and I had an amazing day!  The smiles tell it all!

My tiny class is done...but I am sure we there will be many many more dances!

We met some friends at the Children's Museum....Dean and Haddie loved the water

Marshall and Eve were busy cleaning!

We hit up the race track with the this is a lot of kids....but a great way to get them all to move from point A to B

Beautiful Day!!!

We have had some amazing weather here...and we are LOVING the SUN!!!  Sunshine means water guns...and they wasted no time!!!

We also caught a chipmunk (they have been destroying an area by our steps) but currently we have caught 3 (and 2 squirrels by accident) but today we spotted another I guess we will be catching and releasing all summer long!

The boys got a basketball hoop...Marshall was so sweet to pack up his tools and lend a hand

The boys did golf...they loved it...and are going to be playing in a "league" this summer...

One night after golf it was just the girl's dad, Jason, and I (since his wife and Aaron were traveling for work) so we took 6 kids to dinner....and yes those would be adult beverages on the table that helped us get through the dinner

She loves to dress up and play babies....and I hope that she does for a long, long time to come!

Flying HIGH

She looks sooooo old!

Being two is hard.....she does not want to nap because she does not want to miss this tends to happen.....A lot.....but hey, as long as she gets a nap in....I am not really concerned about where it happens

Look way to the will see him....Marshall watching a garbage truck....he could watch cars, truck and diggers all day