Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I'm not quite sure where the summer has gone....but we have been soaking up the sunshine and enjoying every day to its fullest!!!!!  Here is a look into what we have been up to....our bucket list is quickly being conquered....and while I am sad we only have a few more weeks left...I am looking forward to the summer days and fun still to come!!!

Brayden started summer with a basketball camp at school

We completed a big puzzle

Brayden lost his first tooth....the bottom one...and has now lost a top one too!!!

Fourth of July!!!!  We love the 4th of July.....the parade, the carnival, the festival....and the fun, special memories with friends....

Love this crew....

These two.....sharing special secrets...

She loved the parade!

While she couldn't go on all the rides, she enjoyed watching them...and eating snacks

We found princess and superheros....so of course we needed to take pictures....lots and lots of pictures by request

Enjoying the rides

We ended the day with fair favorites...snow cones and cheese fries


We headed to Belleville for a quick trip....while the trip started out a little rough (we got a flat tire upon arrival) we loved seeing the family----especially little Harper and Ella....and we went on some fun adventures!

Berry Picking....the blackberries were amazing!!!

A trip to the Magic House...the kids colored cars and then scanned them in...and bam, just like that they were added to the digital screen town...so cool!!

The next president....

My digger man


They loved this musical wheel

These colored balls were awesome!

Splash Pad!!!  Gotta cool off when we are down in southern Illinois


On our trip home, we stopped at McDonalds.....the kids get to go maybe 3 times a year...and every time we go they get so excited and remind me that "I never take them"

Notice the title of her book....Dream do come true....yes, they do!!!

We all finished the summer reading program...and Hadley got her own library card!

This girl....she is always raiding the pantry

We have had many trips with friends to the Zoo!

Digging for rolly pollys

"Backpack"....that's what they call this

Hadley being the "mama" and washing Marshall's hair

We went on a trip to Legoland....we were all able to go on both rides....the kids LOVE this place!

And some of us really love snacks....

Yep...Marshall and Haddie in the front seat.....this will be a scary event when it is legal!
Hadley did a round of gymnastics...she loved it!!!  She is very strong and quite the monkey!

For Father's Day we went to Dixon for the day...it was hot, so we cooled off with the sprinkler....poor paw-paw got soaked by the kiddos!

She passed out before we left the neighborhood....

And he was not far behind...

While most days are jammed with fun...sometimes we need to rest

The plastic pool....hours of fun!

She loves her barbies

Aaron and I celebrated 8 years

I watched triplets 3 days......this was the first of those days...we walked to the library and filled our day with fun outside


We took Hadley to her first movie....Finding Dory....the boys loved it, Haddie loved calling the waitress by pressing the button at least 20 times....whoops!

Legos...they just love them

The kids are really into posing and taking random pics....this was when Marshall, Haddie and I met my friend Kerry and her girls for a day of fun at Jumps and Jiggles while Brayden was at camp

He is getting to be quite the builder too

Yep, still snacking....but yet she gains no weight...its amazing!

We had donuts with friends on the last day of Brayden's first bible camp

Then Marshall, Hadley and I headed to the splash pad....

When we picked Brayden up from camp....this is what he and the campers built in a week....it was beyond amazing!!!!!!

Eating and crafting...why not?

Remember how I watched those triplets and my kids 3 days....these are the other 2 days......it started at a little before 8am with a light saber fight!

And then we loaded in the van and headed to a new library

Watched a movie

Read in the tree house

Visited the new bunnies at the bunny park

The next day...I braved the pool with all 6!

Brayden and Kenzie....these 2....she calls him her "sweet baboo" and he loves it


I think she was trying to convince me her baby needed gummies....of course her "baby" does

Doing our workbooks

We also sold our condo in Roscoe Village!!!!  So, we got to go down and have one last night in our first place and enjoy a city date night!

Shaving cream....they love it!

The Morton Arboretum---we had such a fun day exploring nature with friends

Brayden's boy scout troop hosted a car wash...he had a blast and they raised over $400!!!!!  Notice his front tooth is gone too!

Eating....she is sharing her sandwich with him

Singing Frozen

The boys are playing golf this summer...and really seem to enjoy it

This little lady turned 2 1/2....she grew a little in height and gained about a pound...she eats.....but burns it all off...she weighs in at 27 pounds and is about 34 inches ...she may be little but she is mighty!

We visited my friend Erin....and Hadley and her daughter Violet had too much fun...a picnic, shopping....these 2 are so cute!

Our church hosted an amazing weeklong VBS...the boys got to stay all day.  Hadley and I went half day in the morning----she went to play with the little ones and I ran games....here is a look at their week

Lunch with friends

One day we treated ourselves to ice cream

The last night of VBS the kids put on a performance and the church provides dinner.  Hadley was SOOOOO excited to seeing baby Nicholas...I mean, you can hardly tell from the picture right!?!?!

At the performance...

Notice anything about him.....2 different shoes...yep, he knows it and he loves wearing mismatched shoes!

Splash Pad!!!!!!!

We had popsicles in the park for Marshall and Hadley to meet some friends from preschool

While we were there we ran into some of Brayden's friends too....so the scooters were extra fun!

We met an old college friend of mine, Becky, and her 3 kiddos and had a great day at the pool!

Summer...seriously my MOST favorite time of the Year......more fun to come!!