Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer part 2

Summer has so quickly come to an end.....but here is part 2 of our Summer of Fun!!!

We went to a Boomers was blazing hot...but we enjoyed the outing with a few of Brayden's cub scout friends.  And look who Haddie spotted at the game....she was thrilled!

We also went to Six Flags for the first time.  The kids had free tickets for reading, I had one for teaching, and we borrowed one for Aaron.  Can't pass up a free day at Six Flags.  We had fun---the kids went on white a few rides....but the day was caught short when a monsoon rolled in and drenched us!!!  It was so bad the kids had to ride home in their underwear....everything else was SOAKED

The boys also picked up their first roadside pet....Spikey....a turtle who lived a little too long in our pool...we finally released him and has quite a few tears when we did

We saw some movies.....the kids saw Secret Life of Pets with Grandma Ann, Great paw-paw and Beans,  they saw Finding Dory with me, and then Brayden and I had a special date to see the BFG---we had read the book but the movie was pretty great too!

Another Zoo trip with Becky, Erin and Violet...

The bear was right was so cool!

The boy scouts hosted a car wash....

Aaron had to work in the we got to stay downtown with him!!!!!  It was great...we hit up the Ohio Street Beach--had a picnic and did she swimming, went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner, Rock and Roll McDonalds for ice cream, and then went to the Lincoln Park Zoo the next day.  I forgot how much I love the city!

Snuggles and Starbucks in a hotel...does not get much better than that

What a view....

We watched a few cows getting milked

See Marshall in the maze!!!

And then....Auntie Beans, Grandma Ann and Great Paw-Paw came to mommy and daddy could go golf!  The kids had a blast--chuck e cheese, a movie, pizza and more....when I find the pictures I'll add them!