Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Marshall is 5!!!

 On the night before you turn 5......of course it is only fitting that you make a funny face :)

Sweet Little Marshall.....Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!  You are FIVE...a whole hand and a whole lot of personality!!!!
It is hard to believe that you are five!!!  Time really has gone by too fast.  It seems like just yesterday I was beside myself, as you cried all.day.long and then once you hit the toddler phase, gone was the colic and out came my happy, smiley guy and that is how you remain. You are filled with so much spirit and spunk.  You keep us laughing!
You are always wearing a smile.  Just looking at you makes me and others smile.  You are so expressive in all you do and say....and you know how to use your eyes, good looks and charm to get what you want!  Even your preschool teacher says "He is perfect".  You know how to work it little man!!!
You are so loving and kind-hearted.  You always find a new person to talk to and become friends with, no matter where we are.  You are so friendly and personable and quite the peace keeper.  Sharing and helping are two of your biggest strengths.  When Haddie is frustrated and needs help or wants your toys, you are quick to help and share.  You are a great big brother....always ready to give a hug and kiss and sweet words.  You are also such a great big brother...you look up to Brayden so much, taking interest in anything he is interested in. You have become such an amazing lego builder---it is amazing to see what you can build and create---with directions and on your own.  You still love Paw Patrol....you were so excited when grandma got you the new plane and puppies!  You have started to become interested in pokemon cards but still have a big place in your heart for all kinds of fire and recuse vehicles and diggers!!!
You love to watch TV....if you were allowed to, you could snuggle up and watch show after show.....but since that is not the case you relish the TV that is allowed....and I enjoy the snuggles!  You still love to snuggle each night after prayers....and I love it too.  Your tiny blankets...are now rags, but you keep them close every night along with Killer (a comical name for your alien from Disney).
You are quite the comic...always coming up with witty and comical things to say. You keep us on our toes and use your words to manipulate what you want.  Marshall, you are still quite the eater, you eat almost all good and healthy things, but shy away from mac and cheese and other kids food, which is A-OK with me!  You try to be a good role model for your brother and sister at dinner--wish I could say it is rubbing off....but not yet.  For being such an amazing eater, you are still on the small size.....however you are into size 5 which is spot on.  And even though you may not be the tallest or biggest kiddo in your class...I would venture to say you have the biggest heart, smile and personality!!
You are getting smarter by the second.  You know your letters and love sharing songs and things that you are learning at school with us.  You also have amazing art skills and such a creative memory....like your pumpkin that has bat wings and rocket blasters!!!
You love going to the library, the zoo and legoland....really you enjoy all adventures! I of course get a little sad, as each year goes by...since they are going too fast....but I must say I am so excited to watch you grow and learn and develop into the little charmer that you are!!!!
I am so thankful that God gave us you....the one and only you....you are so special and I love that God gave me the important job of bring your mommy!  Happiest of birthdays to you, my little Marsh man....I love you to the moon and back!!!!!!

Our trip to the patch


Your pumpkin with bat wings and rocket boosters

A new way of trying on clothes....

Video game time at Chuckie Cheese

The hat says it all
The whole crew!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Brayden is 7!

The last night being six.....

Tomorrow this little man turns 7!!!!  Seven....wow!!!!  It is next to impossible to remember what life was like before kids....and really as good as it was....these kiddos really made it SO much better.  Seven years ago, we were given the best job and biggest blessing ever.  

Seven is really blowing our minds.....Brayden is more and more independent and seven so far is really a pretty sweet spot---lucky number 7!  He absolutely LOVES school...and he reminds us of this each and every day.  He thrives there....it is amazing to see him reading, solving math problems, and doing science experiments.  He also has a fabulous memory.....which is great for us, because memorizing bible verses each week along with reading words, math words and spelling words is not much of a struggle.  It is purely amazing to watch him read to himself and grow so much academically.

He loves cub scouts....(as the pictures show below from his first campout and den meeting), he also really enjoys playing basketball and was super excited that we went to the open house at the Windy City Bulls....and we are looking forward to seeing some games there.  He swims like a fish....he swims back and forth for 40 minutes during swim class and can do most strokes and rotary breathe.   He is also starting to dive in and can flip at the end, so he can swim back the other direction. 

When it comes to eating....well, let's just say he has a similar palate to his father....pizza, hot dogs, fruit and no veggies would be his favorite.....getting him to eat meat is quite the challenge and veggies----don't even ask.

He has lost 4 teeth....and I think is working on getting some others out---he loves visits from the tooth fairy.  He has an interest in Pokemon this year...which is all new to us, but he still builds legos for hours.  Just recently he has also become really interested in football which Aaron is loving.  He really loves to watch movies that are not animated....and of course is counting down the days until the new Star Wars comes out!

With each passing year, he has become more outgoing and more confident in himself.   He used to be on the shy side when it came to crowds and/or new people...but slowly he has been coming out of his shell and is quite the socialite. 

 He loves spending time with us, and sharing stories of what we do as a family----his teachers always remind us of this.  I am going to cherish this, since I know this may not always be the case.    He loves getting more time with Aaron through Cub Scouts and being able to do more things as the oldest is quite a privilege.   He still loves to snuggle in for a good book, prays thoughtful prayers before bed (just last night, he prayed for the music teacher who is having a baby) and loves his brother and sister like crazy.  Marshall and Brayden are pretty inseparable and also need to be separated at times....but as the big brother and little sister combo goes....I know that she will be well taken care of by Brayden.

At this rate, Brayden will surpass both Aaron and I in height and shoe size.....he grows and grows!!! We just can't keep up!

So....in closing....

Dearest Brayden,
Seven years ago you made me a mommy....I thank God every day for giving me this special job of watching over you and guiding you along the way as you grow.  Every day is a blessing.....while some days are harder than others....I love you no matter what the day brings.  We are in this together...we both teach (and have taught) each other so much.  I love the compassion that you bring to the world, the smile that you are always wearing, your positive attitude, funny nature, good spirit, devoted faith in God and pure love for family.  Each year I get a little sad as you get older, but I also get excited to see what is in store next for us.....I have a good feeling that this year will be no exception and I can't wait to celebrate with you!!!!  Remember that you are "fearfully and wonderfully made" and with God you are in good hands.  Love you forever, Mom

PS....I have in writing that we are going to be neighbors when you get older...now it's on the blog :)

Boy Scout Camp

Den Meeting

Windy City Bulls


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Having' a Ball this Fall....

So here we are already 2 months into school and I  am just getting these pictures up....but things have been CRAZY around here.  I am back to work as a Reading Specialist and the kids are all at St Peter....loving it....we are juggling a lot of things....and feeling tired.....but these munchkins are worth it!

Ready to go meet the teacher and drop our supplies!
A fanny pic....

A front shot...

Meet the Teacher....Marshall is with Mrs. Koclanis this year for full-day preschool....

Hadley is with Mrs. Engelhardt....in 5 days of PDO

Marshall and Brayden both had her before....

And Brayden is a big first graders with Mrs. Graf

We squeezed in more a few more pool dates before back to school full time....sadly our neighbors moved...so this was our pool party goodbye with them

First Official Day of school....the only one who shed a tear was dear ol' mom....everyone else was excited

At our classrooms....

Getting in a quick pet before we head in...

after school ice cream....gotta celebrate the first day!


We took a trip to the Khol's Children Museum....

We had a neighborhood block party....they really did it up...we had a band, bouncy houses, lots of food, face painting and fire trucks

A quick lesson in shoe tying

A sign of a good weekend!!!

Before school morning snuggles

Labor Day bike ride with our church small group....Brayden did the 3 mile loop twice!!!!  It was a beautiful day!

 A Labor Day BBQ with friends

Baking time

Our little cub scout...headed to his first meeting

Soccer City!!! Marshall and Hadley are playing soccer this fall

Balloons are just so fun!

After a long day....she is still smiling

And so is he....

Snuggles and books....we love to end the day like this

Tourist Day at school...Disney and Truckee

Marshall had a party at Jump Zone

We headed to the Cubs game

Our Bears fans

Apple Picking!

Bed Head its a real thing and Mondays are hard!

Tooth number 3....gone!

And this note was more than enough for the tooth fairy!!!

Reading a basketball...he blows my mind...he was telling me about rhyming words and was writing short sentences....slow down Marshall!!!

The shirt sums it up!

Morning Faces!

Off to camp out for the week with scouts!

A day with just the little....donuts, soccer, the fire station, grocery shopping, Target and friends over for dinner (and about 10 loads of laundry!