Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dearest Brayden, my 8 year old

I was working on catching up the Blog over the summer....but I need to pause my catch-up for my special birthday boy....

Dearest Brayden,
Happy 8th Birthday buddy!  Today I had you crawl (jump) onto my lap just so I could tell you some of the things you did as a baby....and wow, you hardly can fit on my lap!  How did this happen???  I once read that moms always are waiting and marking down each of their child's firsts...first word, first time the baby rolls over, first step, etc... but we don't realize when it might be the last of something, and I think that God keeps us from knowing this, because as I write this, I tear up at the fact that you are almost too big to be held on my lap---but I can smile because watching you grow has been amazing!!!  And honestly, you will NEVER be too old to snuggle!!!  So I will continue to do that daily!
As an 8 year old in 2nd grade, you are SUPER fun!!!!  You love playing games---currently your favorite is Sushi Go, but we play all sorts of card games (I even taught you one of my favorites, 4 corners, which you aren't sold on yet, but I will keep working on you) as well as board games.  You have also taken a big interest in Pokemon cards...which I am sorry---I totally do not get, but boy how you love to look at them and organize them.  Now, you have also gotten into sports cards---I am not sure who is more excited about this--you or daddy, but regardless you love organizing and looking through them as well.  One day you and daddy even alphabetized them!  It is cool to watch you two bond over something that he loved doing as kid :)
You are all love playing football, basketball, and swimming----which I must say is your strong suit.  You are an amazing swimmer---I loved watching you swim each morning this summer and when it came race day, you were confident and pushed hard....even winning a big ribbon at the Interpark Meet.  Although this year swim team was not was you choose....I know that swimming will always be something that you enjoy and maybe in years to come, you will choose this as your sport.  This year, it has been fun watching you play football though.  Although, I wanted to wrap you in bubble wrap (even though it is flag) and you said "NO WAY, Football is about getting tackled", it has been enjoyable cheering for you on the sideline and watching you learn techniques but most of all learning to work with your team!  We are also cheering you on at St Peter basketball this fall....and you are so excited for Upward to start in January.  You love watching sports games with daddy, and knowing the score and who is playing who....this has been such a cool thing to watch you and daddy get into sports and I know that he is loving that some your interests are quite similar.
At school, your teachers continue to tell me that you are polite and a good listener.  I also have seen first-hand you being a good friend, and finding new friends to play with on the playground, while keeping your good buddies close.  Every year before school starts, we talk about taking a moment and really looking around to see if there is someone who is alone and needs a friend---and if you do find that person, to sit by them, play with them, make them feel accepted.  And Brayden, you do a great job of this.  Your heart is big and you are a great friend.  Right now, you and your buddies are writing Captain Underpants books---a small collection---and last night we had you read us the book you wrote---it basically can be summed up that Captain Underpants was flying, found Miss Underpants, gave her a ring and they had a baby----it was innocent and hilarious all at once (I wish I could insert the pictures for giggles) but I love that you are so creative!!!!  Some other things that you love at school currently---art class, gym, gaga ball, lunch and recess---sounds like a pretty typical kiddo.  You have come along way with reading and math---you much prefer math, but we are working on finding some books that really hook you in.  Currently we are reading Dogman....and it is definitely a silly book.  Writing has also come along way, we have been working with the OT and you are making great strides in that area.  I know that with practice it will become a less daunting task.
For an 8 year old, you are still a pretty picky eater.  If given the choice you would have pizza and mac and cheese every day.  We are working on broadening your likings....all in time.  You like to play the iPad---Subway Surfer is your game of choice for now, before it was an NBA game.  We also have the Wii...which you and Marshall play occasionally....but really you are less likely to choose technology and more likely to go outside, try to skateboard, shoot hoops and ride your bike.   You still enjoy snuggling with mom (which you even wrote down on a sheet at school as a favorite).  You have decided that when you get older you are not getting married and are living with all your guy friends in a house---you will all eat a lot of pizza and play a lot of games...clearly, I am pretty confident this will change.  Currently, your job choice to be a NBA for your birthday we are headed to a Bulls game.  You are a great brother---you and Marshall are enjoying playing Monster Truck currently and lots of legos.  And although Haddie can get on your nerves, she sure does love her big brother and you like helping her with her gymnastic moves---which usually entails flipping/jumping over your body.
We are so proud of you Brayden.  Being our first baby is probably not an easy job---I once read that the first baby is kinda like the first pancake you make (burnt around the edges and gooey in the middle) since you are our first baby, we are learning as we are going.  However, you are proof that this statement is not always true.  You are an amazing boy---kind to others, sensitive, a good listener, excellent friend, super snuggler, sports driven---and even though you might not be the strongest or fastest kid on the field/court you try your best---and that is all we can ask of you!  God gave us such a blessing on the day that you were born----I love being your mom and even though I get sad that you cannot fit on my lap....watching you grow each day makes me smile.  I would be remised if I didnt't mention, that your sense of humor is growing at an alarming rate----you become more witty and funny each day---and sometimes bring me to tears with laughter.  I love love love your quick wit!!!
Happy Birthday Brayden!  I pray that God continues to watch over you, keep you safe, and guide you in the right direction.  I know that God is in your heart, you tell me bible stories and refer to Him quite often, so I pray that your love for Him continues to grow and strengthen as years go on.  I am so proud of you....and I cannot wait to see what this new year brings to us!!!
Much Love, Your Mommy

Thursday, October 12, 2017

June 2017

The last day of first grade!!!!!  Summer is here!!!

We celebrated with an all school chapel and then headed off to the park with lots of friends...of course we ended the day with ice cream!

Flipping with happiness for SUMMER

We had dinner with Gus T at Chili's  He was hilarious and kept stealing Brayden's hat to put on Haddie....and Haddie could not get enough of him

We headed to Nashville for an adult get-a-way to CMA Fest!  It was a blast.  We saw so many great artists---some in bars, some at the big stage, a couple at a small HGTV venue and Blake Shelton even made a surprise appearance at a bar!!!!

For father's day we decided to get crazy, we painted daddy a grilling place and of course we painted something for each of us too!

Happy Father's Day!!

We headed to Willow Creek Church for Dad's Fest.  We were able to see Tom Ricketts speak and then enjoyed a big fest with food trucks, slides, root beer floats and more.  Aaron and Brayden even got to play in the biggest game of catch to break a Guiness Book Record!!

We went to the "drive-in" at Palatine Library to see Sing!  We made our own cars while we were there and then enjoyed watching the movie sitting in them while eating popcorn

We went to the Volo Car Museum and it was a BLAST!  We spent the majority of the day there and saw so many cool are just a few of the cool rides we saw...

And then that evening, we headed to the drive in to see Cars 3 and Mater even stopped by!

We took a trip to Brookfield Zoo--we were able to explore the exhibit Dragons and visited the family area where the kids and Aaron fed birds

We always end the day on the carousel

Brayden joined a summer swim team, Frontier Flyers.  It was awesome watching him become a stronger swimmer over the summer and best of all, he LOVED every minute of it...and even ended up with some blue 1st place ribbons!


She scooted while Brayden swam

And Marshall played Tball (and flirted with the coaches)

Sleeping with her brother

Haddie and Marshall did a gymnastics class...they both did well and Haddie is doing one this fall too

We were able to see Minions 3 with some sweet friends 

And spent lots of time swimming and slip-and-sliding

Marshall's soccer wrapped up

A Trip to Pirate's Cove...Brayden is almost out grown it, which makes me so truly is a fun, special place!