Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hadley is 3!!!

Happiest of Birthdays to my little Hadley Rose!!!!
Before I write my birthday note to my sweet little girl...I must be honest...I could have had this written on her birthday....I got the blog all caught up to date knowing that I would want to write her a birthday letter on her birthday....but when the night before she turned 3 came and then her birthday...I just couldn't...I was sad...sad that my baby was 3.  I know....everyone says, "kids are more fun as they get older, enjoy every stage, think of all the fun you can have now"....but the truth is, I LOVE babies....and my baby is no longer a baby....and for little bit I needed to sit on that....I needed to let myself be a little sad about her growing way too fast.  Don't get me wrong...I do not miss diapers and I love, love watching my kids grow... each day is a blessing ....and there is new joy at each age....new discoveries, new milestones, new things that we can do together....so while I am sad that time is going by a lightening speed, I will cling tight to all my memories and celebrate what each new day, week, month, year brings.

Dear Haddie,
You are full of spunk, personality, sass, endless hugs, and so much JOY!  You love snuggling in at night....there is always at least "one more minute of snuggle time" before your dad or I can leave your side.  You love saying your bedtime prayers, reading your babies a bible story and listening to books....one of your favorites right now is Mother Gooses Story Rhymes.
An accessory girl you sure are!  You like to wear necklaces (numerous ones at one time), bracelets, and your newest...googles!!  You know bathe with them every night!  You were big into bows and headbands...the one accessory you truly need...but for now you are really fighting me on that.  And speaking of wanting what you want....you are a lady who wants to dress herself...and pick out your own outfit.  You will go right into your room and help yourself to outfits.....and you are adamant that is what you are wearing....and most of the times it includes a tutu! (which I love!!!)  You also love to wear sparkly shoes...really sparkly everything...I think sparkles might be your favorite color :)
I must say, even though you love your accessories...and do love girly things...you can sure hold your own with your brothers and other kids/boys.  You are no push over...if anything, you really know how to get them to do things for you!  On Fridays in PDO and in your new swim lessons...you are the only girl, and that does not make you skip a beat one bit!  Your brothers....while sometimes they are not overly kind to you.....if you are sad or upset, they are the first to run over and help and comfort you.
The biggest thing that you are into right now are babies and Doc McStuffins.  You love babies....just like your mama.  When we see babies out and about, we have to stop and look and wave at them....and as far as your baby dolls go, you are a sweet, sweet mama.  You love to rock them, feed them and read them bible stories.  Up until this birthday you have played with the same baby since you turned one....you named her Snowman.  But since we went to American Girl for your birthday you are loving your new baby too, Ella.  You love to watch Doc McStuffins...that is about the only show that will keep your attention.   You also enjoy playing with Shopkins and love, love to draw and  do art!
Going to school as been a big joy for you this year....you did not cry once when I took you....I think I had prepared myself for the worst, since I was home with you all last year, but you were ready to go to school with your brothers and have loved it since you walked in the door.   In January, we moved you to a young 3s class on Tuesday and Thursday and you continue to impress the teachers each day with what you do, say and know.
You are a creative little girl!  You love to create with paint, colors, and markers.  Singing and dancing is also a favorite past time.  Grandma Ann just got you a new CD/Karaoke machine and you love singing and dancing.....always to princess songs of course.  You also started back up at dance class...you were thrilled to dance and then....they handed you fairy wings and that was beyond amazing!!!  You went in to that class and danced and danced and when it was done you wanted to keep dancing.  We also just started you in swim classes...and of course, you being Miss Independence you went right to the teacher and jumped in...no fear!!!!
Haddie you have so much love and joy that you share everyone you go.  You have a smile that is contagious.  You know what you want....and to be honest, you usually get it....we need to work on that!  You impress us each day with all you know and have to say....you are funny and witty and only 3!!!!  You bring so much happiness to us.  You keep us on our toes and we could not love you more!
While I will always be a little sad to watch my baby days fade...I am so excited to watch you grow and change as time goes on...I can only imagine what God has in store for you....and I know it will be AMAZING!!!!  Thank you for being you.....and know that you are always loved!!!!
Love, Mom

Googles in the Tub

The last night of 2...

Cinnamon Rolls....Hadley is 3!

First night of Swim Lessons...I could not even watch...she looked way too tiny to me to be jumping in!

Panera for birthday dinner....her brothers helped her pick the place of course

Opening a few gifts....she got a new coffee maker....she LOVES cooking in her kitchen

We had a small Doc McStuffins party with friends....

Holding hands....he loves to be her "prince"


Pin the nose on Chilly

Where is lamb
Wrap the daddies....because a good doctor knows how to wrap up someone :)

A little episode of the Doc

She was a little sad when it was cake time....not sure why....maybe she is a little sad to be getting older?!!?!?

Notice that the kids all lost articles of clothing...I guess I had the heat up too high and the fireplace was too hot!


Another party....Grandma Ann, Beans and Great Grandpa came to celebrate....he brought this cake to her all the way from Belleville

Time to sing!!!

Grandma Ann, Beans, Haddie and I headed to American Girl doll on Saturday.  She got to select her bitty baby, who she named Ella.  We had lunch while we were there....it was adorable, amazing....it was fabulous!!!!!  We also stopped by the lego store...


Pure Happiness

Telling Grandma her baby needs to eat too

Girls Day...so special!
She passed out before we got out of the parking garage...it was a great day!!

Time with Beans

Enjoying MLK day....getting a nap in

Time to dance!!

Snuggles with her baby...in her matching outfit