Monday, March 27, 2017

Some January and February Happenings....

The boys scouts were lucky enough to be Anthem buddies for the Windy City Bulls.  So the boys got to go out on the court and stand with the was awesome!  Just so happened that night all the Bulls trophies were there....

Signatures from the Windy City Bulls

Our tiny dancer

This girl...loves dancing and singing...and is ALWAYS smiling

Pine wood derby time!!!!!  Brayden made an army tanker.....the car did great!  What a fun time!!

Not feeling so well....


Play date!

Haddie and Violet met up at the children's museum...these 2 are 2 peas in a pod...they could totally pass for sisters

We volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House in the City to make dinner for about 70 people....we had such a great better thing than to be with friends helping others who need it!

He loves writing....and art!

Pokemon night at the library

What happens when the kids get the phone....

Adventures with the class pet, Froggie

Brayden's class had a little dance/pizza party.....he had fun...however I think Miss Hadley had just as much fun, if not more with her buddies

Marshall was selected to dance/limbo with the African dancers at school

Swimming, swimming, swimming....

Marshall our little soccer star

Upward was so fun to watch the teams get better and better each week!

Snack Buddies watching the big boys

Sticky, silly messes

Pre-run on the craft!

Cookie time

Happy Valentines Day

My Loves....

As a room mom, I got to help at Marshall's party...we played bingo, made a craft, read books, and had snack.  I also snuck down and saw Brayden playing Hot Heart (potato)


My love bug reading at the library

Valentines day hair cuts...

Grandma, Bean and Great grandpa came to town!  It was great to see them and celebrate!!!

Celebrating Great Grandpa's birthday....94 and Auntie Beans....31

While they visited, Aaron and I got to sneak away for a night to Lake Geneva with college friends.  We had a great time!!!!

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